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Likewise, you have to identify every logo and name it. You can use hints and complete your game without any difficulty. There are various levels in the game. Each level displays a bunch of logos. Though the game database has more than thousand logos, you can still find some are repeating.

As it is a quiz game, there will not be any special controls or a phenomenal gameplay. By playing this game, you come to know how many products and logos you can recognize. Play with your buddies and check who is good at recognizing more logos. Improve your knowledge on logos while having fun. Grab this app and try once, you definitely will get absorbed into the game!

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Download For BlackBerry. Your email address will not be published. In my opinion, the host is extremely funny and makes light of any situation.

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So YES, this is a definite recommendation from me to download this game and at least try it out once. However, the game has two big problems that I think need to be addressed if this game is to stay relevant. My first big issue with this game is that the app absolutely cannot keep up with the number of players. My second big problem with the game bothers me even more than the first.

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I regularly skip games because I do not want to deal with watching the host. The host is the absolute worst. He is so unbelievably annoying and he just rambles forever about nonsense, completely ruining games regularly and making it not fun to play. The host single-handedly makes me not want to play the game, even though the chance of winning money keeps bringing me back.

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Please fire Scott! I understand they are live-streaming a game show but if this could get fixed the game would be x better.

If you have super strong WiFi and you Like trivia game ands winning money I would recommend it but if your WiFi is bad to moderate Maybe steer away or just watch because chances are it will glitch and you will lose. App Store Preview. Description HQ is the wildly popular live game show app where you can win real cash prizes for free.

Test how well you know logos of popular companies.

Gameplay improvements for HQ Season 2. Improvements to our cashout system. Keep earning points to help your chances of winning the grand prize! Earn points by inviting your friends, and level up to improve your Free Pass! Check out the newly redesigned home screen to see the Grand Prize for the Holiday Season Finale grow after every show.

Earn points by answering questions correctly and inviting your friends to play. Get enough points to level up for special rewards! Gameplay and visual improvements for a special Holiday Season surprise. Bug fixes to make sure questions display correctly. Speed improvements when buying back into a game with an Extra Life. Video performance fixes and improvements.


Buy an Extra Life to get back in the game right after you get a question wrong. Find two nearby players during the game to earn an Eraser! Erasers are a new power up that let you remove one incorrect answer choice during a question. Fixes issue that prevented some users from joining a game. Introducing a Winner Take All show format. Outlast all players and walk away with the entire grand prize!

Video performance improvements.