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Business changes. Get on with your miserable, cheap, self-absorbed freetard lives. The issue is that they announced it without ANY notice, although once you logon to the account it says 7 days grace period.

LogMeIn Ignition- Remote Control Your Computer From a Mobile Device

However 7 days notice is not enough notice! If you are accessing a remote system there is a reason you are using remote control. For example, my Granddad is away on holiday, the lack of notice means that I either have to drive to his house when he gets back to change the remote control software OR pay for LogMeIn Pro.

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This makes me feel cornered in to a decision by LogMeIn. Give a month of notice at the very least would have been reasonable given the number of years the service has been available. Remember many people use this to help family infrequently when they have problems. Why spend years building a user base then chuck them all out in a way that only damages your brand? Bad strategy. To win over customers they should have made it 3 months.

A disastrous blunder that anyone with some common sense can see very clearly. Their pricing is way out of whack. Um, no.

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Also pretty upset by the pricing model. Will look for alternatives, even if it means setting up a VNC-type service. Use offer code: The acquiring company then gets a profitable business without a bunch of legacy no revenue customers. Yeah, time to move on. I would not mind paying a small subscription to manage friends and family computers remotely — but their pricing structure is too expensive. All I need are simple Remote desktop access to help them out on issues they face which happen once in a while.

I have a lot of different client machines in multiple individual accounts for each client. I setup each client with a separate account because you could send an invite under users while you had a central trial license to allow access to their list which I found nice so I could keep all the client machines separate in an email they control if they ever need to get in. Now it all goes away, going to have to go back to using VNC and VPN connections or consider getting central on my account and moving all the machines into my own account to maintain access and then assign clients folders in central with invites to their email addresses.

Definitely need more than 7 days notice to get that much changed. More like 60 days notice for clients I only see occasionally. Many machines may not be online all the time so I cannot just reach out and manage them. I manage several hundred computers and pay for logmein central. I have maybe 10 logmein pro accounts and a couple backup licenses. I cant find how this is going to affect me. My central account is up for renewal on the 28th… so someone better let me know!

I am looking all over the site and cant find any verbiage on this! A lot of us are also taking issue with the way this was presented. Fret not, minions.

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Both are still FREE at the moment. The bigger story is: Feels like borrowed time now. Again the goal is conversion. On a side note: I have used TeamViewer for years with no complaints other than the little nag at the end of a session. I use the service to manage family computers. Find control tools for system administrators to implement group policies and control several aspects of host behavior in your environment. We take the security and protection of your important files, data, and personal information very seriously.

Get an in-depth look at the security features of LogMeIn products. Start a free trial. Buy Now. Learn more. Choose the Pro plan that works best for you. Remote Access Quickly access your computer desktop as if you were sitting in front of it. Unlimited Users Extend computer and file access to anyone for instant collaboration.

Review: LogMeIn Ignition for Android smartphones

Remote Printing Print documents from a remote computer to the nearest local printer. Multi-Monitor Display View multiple remote monitors presented 1: Anytime, anywhere access to your work. Next, you will need to download and install LogMeIn Free or the premium LogMeIn Pro if you want more advanced features on the computer you want to access remotely. You will log in to LogMeIn Free with the account you created on the website.

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  • In addition to supporting mobile devices, this desktop app will allow you to remotely access your computer from any other Internet-connected computer. Then, just as you did with the desktop client, log in with your LogMeIn. LogMeIn Ignition requires you to log in before being able to access any of your computers; this means you can store all of your usernames and passwords for your remote computers within the app. Once you're authenticated via the app, simply click the name of a remote computer to be instantly logged in and taken to your remote desktop. Once logged into your remote computer, LogMeIn Ignition gives you a couple of ways to use the touchscreen to navigate: Screen Moves or Mouse Moves.

    With the Screen Moves setting enabled, the cursor is stationary, and you are able to drag the desktop around in order to place the item you would like to click under the cursor. This is the default when you install LogMeIn Ignition. With the Mouse Moves setting, you get a more traditional desktop feel because you move the cursor around the screen with your finger. This just seems much more intuitive than having a static cursor. In addition to these two modes, you have pinch-to-zoom multi-touch support, which allows you to quickly zoom in or out of your desktop to make a menu or other item easier to read or click.

    LogMeIn Ignition has performed very well in the few days that I've been using it.