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You may already have your own favorite QR code reader installed and ready to scan. Leave us a comment below letting us know! Thank you Lucas for your detailed and interesting article. I am just writing an article related to use of qr codes blog not published yet , so could I put a link to your blog?

Readers may be interested in what is the best application. Hi Tuula! Let me know when your blog is published! Hi Julian! Thanks for the praise. Hope all is well! It is getting rather common to use QR codes along with self printed tickets. Thanks for your comments! It worked great for the QRs. But when I tested it on a couple of HP inkjet boxes and on a Kirkland Costco tissue box, it could not link to the required url using Chrome on my phone. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Hi Graham!

Thanks for your reaching out. The boxes you speak of have QR codes or some other barcodes?

What Are QR Codes?

Have you tried using another reader? The lookup web site looks like a domain for sale. QR codes are fine. Hi , a very helpful article. I am a complete technophobe and am considering down loading i-nigma scanner.

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Does it really need access to my contacts, phone, camera and device ID and call info? It makes me feel quite exposed! Please advise. Hi there! As far as we know, that information is not required to be shared! Hi Lucas, thanks for an informative article.

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I had been searching for a decent app and thanks to you, I have found my perfect app. I had a look at most of them, and I chose QR Droid as it fitted my needs perfectly. I tried it with Firefox and every code searched for were found correctly. Another app I use is MyFitnessPal, which I use for tracking various health related things such as diet, and it syncs with my Fitbit.


Hi Steven! Thanks for reaching out.

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The Best Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry Devices

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Hi guys. Any suggestions? Hi Renier! You mean that after scanning the QR code, you get to dial a number? Julian Darley 2 years ago Reply. Uffe Johansen 2 years ago Reply. Graham 2 years ago Reply. Russell 1 year ago Reply. C VJ 2 years ago Reply. Hi Sharyn! Steven 2 years ago Reply. Lucas 1 year ago Reply. Emily James 1 year ago Reply. Hey there! Tilly Tailor 1 year ago Reply. Lucas 12 months ago Reply. Jeff 7 months ago Reply. Lucas 5 months ago Reply. Hi Jeff! Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published.

QR code guidelines. Login Pricing Support uQR. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. One might create their own QR code for a website that sells digital products, such as phone applications. We take a look at the best scanner apps to use with your Blackberry. This barcode scanner for BlackBerry is designed to scan QR codes.

How To: Install a QR Code Scanner App

It doesn't require a photograph to be taken. Instead the app works by processing the data present in the QR code by scanning it with the phone's camera. The app will carry out any function present in the code, such as opening the web browser or opening the email application. It also creates barcodes based on data from the calendar, address book, tasks, and web browser. Also, it can scan business vCards directly from contacts and create a barcode. Another way to utilize this app is to create barcodes based on location information.

As you scan the code, the encoded information is presented in the web browser.