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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Screen Replacements & Repair Parts

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Housing Replacements. Flex Cable Replacements. Customer Services:. If your glass happens to shatter you might want to consider wearing safety glasses. Plastic razor blades you find in a hardware store are great for intricate cleanup like this. Alternatively try guitar plectrums picks from a music shop. These won't scratch the digitizer.

What kind of damage of your Samsung Galaxy S4 should be repaired?

Re-heat the glass frequently. If you find that the glass isn't coming off easily you will want to apply more heat and then continue. I never got any photos, but when taking the glass off be very careful near the two touch keys at the bottom of the phone as it can be easy to damage them.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacements & Repair Parts

They are stuck to the glass and need to be taken off before lifting off the glass. With the glass removed, you'll end up like your phone looking like this, with the adhesive residue leftover on the digitizer. Clean up the digitizer with lint free wipes or a clean microfiber towel. I used some lens cleaner on a microfiber cloth to clean mine up. I probably did a terrible job of removing the glass and the digitizer appears scratched.

If yours does look like this as well it's no problem, when the screen is turned on it's not noticeable. If you want to really get the screen almost perfectly clean or if the glue residue won't come off, use some acetone-free nail polish remover. It takes only a few seconds to get all the dirt off and it will evaporate: Place the new adhesive around the edges of the phone. If the screen you purchased didn't come with any you can use 3M 2mm strips. Prepare your new glass. If yours is covered both sides like mine then only remove the under side for now.

Do not touch the underside or get any other dust or marks on it, if you do clean it off first. There are some good videos on youtube showing how to apply the glue. Be very careful to prevent the glue from getting in the top ear piece speaker and on the front facing camera lens. I did not complete this guide. That's unfortunate, sometimes in some unlucky cases the LCD or digitiser tries to come up with the glass which probably means it needs to be heated up for longer with the heatgun.

Same here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Replacement Parts

The glass was spiderwebbed and it was frustrating work. About 2 hrs in I must have gotten a little careless because a little extra force and boom LCD broken. If your glass has more than a few cracks in it I would say it's not worth the effort-replace the whole display or take it to a professional.

Samsung GALAXY S4 - LCD Display & Touch screen Replacement

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Difficulty Difficult. Steps Time Required 1 - 2 hours. Sections 1. Cracked Front Glass 14 steps.

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Flags 1. Member-Contributed Guide An awesome member of our community made this guide. Introduction Dropped and cracked the screen on your Galaxy S4? Tools Buy these tools. Step 1 Cracked Front Glass.