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On the other hand, the Apple App Store is a bit more versatile than Google Play when it comes to apps, and a lot more diversified when it comes to movies, songs and books. On the other hand, if you want complexity and the ablity to customize the hell out of your smartphone, Android is the only way to go! The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will launch in various markets around the world starting October.

The Apple iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order in nine countries starting with September It is certainly not the best smartphone for everyone, although it will surely prove to be a good smartphone for most users. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is for those of us that want the biggest display they can get on a smartphone. The Galaxy Note 2 is unique. But what do you guys make of all this? Who won?

Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c: New iPhones Compared

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You Might Like. Sunday Giveaway. Pocophone F1 international giveaway! February 17, The iPhone 5s, comparatively, comes with the familiar high-grade aluminum design found in the previous generation iPhone 5. Apple has announced that its flagship iPhone will be available in a new Gold color option in addition to the traditional Silver shade.

Instead of offering the standard black color choice, Apple has opted for a slightly tweaked Space Gray color that looks similar to the Graphite color that leaked before the announcement. While Apple has largely kept the same design as the iPhone 5 with its iPhone 5s, it has focused on upgrading its internals. Full Review.

Samsung Galaxy Note II (Note 2)

Both phones feature the same 4-inch Retina display with a x pixel resolution and promise up to 10 hours of Web surfing via LTE and Wi-Fi. This is up from the 8 hours of battery life Apple packed into its iPhone 5. Top 7 Features of Apple's iPhone 5s. Apple has beefed up the camera features in its iPhone 5s, although both the 5s and 5c feature the same 8-megapixel iSight sensor as previous iPhone iterations.

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While both devices come with the standard iPhone camera features such as panorama, backside illumination and face detection, the 5s features some new capabilities. There is only one version of the iPhone. If your carrier supports 4G LTE the fastest mobile data network , every iPhone 5 will take advantage of it. The Note, meanwhile, offers different 4G capabilities by region.

Check with your local carrier for the lowdown. In terms of experience, it should also easily outlast the iPhone. Megapixels, schmegapixels.

All-day battery, but nowhere near two

With that said, both the Note II and iPhone 5 take great shots, and can easily replace a point-and-shoot. These include the ability to preview things like emails and videos by hovering the pen over the corresponding thumbnail, multi-window support potentially providing a huge boost in productivity , and the ability to scratch notes from anywhere. For all of the accusations of Samsung copying Apple , the S Pen provides some truly innovative software features that the iPhone presently has no answer to. The company has balked at adding too many new features to its mobile operating system since its inception.

On the minus side, iOS is starting to look a bit stale and unchanging after almost six years. One big software advantage for the iPhone is that it gets updates immediately after Apple releases them.

Differences Between iPhone 5/5c/5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus: zyrytijopeca.tk

PC arguments. To see how these two compare to other top phones, check out our Smartphone Comparison Guide.


The Galaxy Note 2's battery is superior to the iPhone 5's. The Note II has more raw power, but both provide plenty of zip in their respective operating systems. Gizmag compares the specs and features of the Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5. The Note 2 runs an old version of Android, but its TouchWiz software provides some amazing stylus integration. Internal storage options are even, while the Note supports microSD cards.

The iPhone 5 is much lighter, but it's also much smaller. Starting price. The iPhone is simple, elegantly constructed, and minimalistic.

iPhone XS Max review: Apple's supersized smartphone

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