Best android apps for note 8

It can help you to write, collect, maintain information in a systematized way.

15 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You can save things quickly and have access to them in no time. Download Evernote. Tasker is a mobile Android application, which will allow you to automate your tasks instead of doing those tasks by yourself. Using this app on your Galaxy Note 8 will provide you greater chances to train your phone to do the tasks by itself without needing your manual efforts. Download Tasker. Installing Solid Explorer will simplify your tasks to manage important documents or files, and keep them in a well-ordered manner at one place.

It is supported by online cloud storage services like Google Drive, and Dropbox. Download Solid Explorer File Manager. When someone wants to keep identity secure and completely hidden from prying eyes, for most of the people VPN services is the first choice. The VPN Cloud is an advanced app that immediately hides your identity, and allows you to surf anonymously in a safer way. Download VPN Cloud.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a wonderful and very instinctual keyboard application. However, you can download some other keyboard app. The Gboard keyboard application is a great option for your Note 8. It has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it quite useful and easy to type on without worrying about pressing the wrong key. Download Gboard — The Google Keyboard. If you prefer ease, then Google Now Launcher can be a good choice for your Note 8 phone.

This Google launcher has limited features, but it allows an easier access. This user-interface works very efficiently as compared to other alternatives.

50+ Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Download Google Now Launcher. Using SuperBeam, you can transfer your files from one phone to another in a very quick and smart way. It is highly recommended for Note 8 users. It is very much like a file manager application, which makes it easy to understand, and working with it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be a great gaming device. Since it comes equipped with a great hardware, you will be able to have a wonderful gaming experience on it. It can be a very valuable application on your Note 8 phone.

It will just turn your smartphone into a convenient scanner that will improve the efficiency of your device. With this scanner application, you can convert any document like receipts, notes, etc. Whether you want to learn certain languages, or looking for the meaning of a specific word, this app can solve all your problems when it comes to words or certain languages. At this time, this application is offering you a chance of learning more than 10 languages.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - 5 Apps you NEED!!

With the increase in incomes, expenses will increase as well. At times, it can be quite difficult to control your expenses. However, you can monitor them, and then, build a map to increase your savings. IQBoxy can help you keep a track of your monthly expenditures like grocery shopping, monthly payments, bills, etc. Download IQBoxy. Newstab application can be a better alternative when it comes to receiving news feeds.

You can select your group, interest, and other preferences from rest of the categories this application will offer you. You can also add your much-loved websites, or this application will get websites and news on the basis of your interests. Download Newstab. The Shazam application is kind of an all-round music application.

It offers all things underneath the one roof. You can easily access the songs that you love to listen, at anytime and from anywhere. Not sure what song is playing on the radio? Download Shazam. Or is that just us? Enter the S Pen. Download Colorfy for free from the Google Play Store. Samsung has its own handwriting option baked into the Galaxy Note 8, but it's strangely concealed - and merely gets the job done.

The 7 best free apps to use with the Galaxy Note 8's S Pen stylus

Google's Handwriting Input is much better. It lets you write with the S Pen, and have it magically converted into typed text, for copying into apps quickly. This is perfect if you're tired of typing on sterile QWERTYs, if your phone is flat on a tablet and you've only got one free hand, of if you're a real hipster and just like to be different. Fruit Ninja was all the craze five years ago, but maybe it's time to bring it back, thanks to the ultimate pseudo-sword sheathed away in your phone. With a stylus in hand, you can be ridiculously accurate, and you'll be sure to hit all the combos you want.

Time to make Fruit Ninja great again. Apps and Games. Galaxy Note 8. The 7 best free apps to use with the Galaxy Note 8's S Pen stylus You need these apps installed to get the most from the smartphone with the best stylus. Samsung Notes. One Note. So a digital Filofax, basically. Adobe Photoshop Express. Google handwriting input.

Apps for note-taking, ideas, and general writing

Scribble Racer 2. Fruit Ninja. Here's a retro throwback just begging for some S-Pen action.

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