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Calendar in iOS 7 has been revamped to sport a very minimal, flat look. While some of us think that Apple went overboard in the simplification, some folks like the new look. Although a simplification of sorts puts it in an unexpected place, I think new users and old users alike are going to be confused trying to search for the master events list.

But it makes from a search-perspective: Pre-iOS 7, the events list was shown under the month-view which was also the default view of the Calendar app. With the recent changes, month-view is no longer the default view and so, this calls for lesser screen real-estate for all events to be shown. A new iPad user wrote to us asking about changing colors and using different colors for different calendars. Bonus tip: To change the color for a calendar from non-iCloud account for instance, Gmail calendars , you just have to change the color in the original calendar.

If you use a Google Calendar, log in to that calendar on the web and change the color. Then, refresh calendars in the Calendar app on iPhone. The color of the particular calendar will be changed to the closest equivalent of the color you set. How-to iOS iOS 7. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Sponsored Links. Next article Bitdrop iPhone App Review: Dhvanesh Adhiya https: If you wanted a different view, you could toggle between List, Day, and Month views using a toolbar.

How to Display List View in iOS Calendar: 5 Steps

On an iPhone running iOS 7, Calendar takes on a more hierarchical organization. In the month view, a dot below a date simply indicates whether there are any events on that day at all. To drill back down, just tap the month from the year view or the day from the month view. In all of these views, you have the ability to create a new event by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner, or to search events by tapping the magnifying-glass icon. The latter option immediately switches into a view akin to List mode in iOS 6 and earlier, where you can scroll through a list of all your events, delineated by time and date.

Subtle colored lines show you which calendar an event is on, and tapping any event lets you view or edit its details. The day and month views on the iPhone are far more useful than the merged view in iOS 6 and earlier. You can also scroll through weeks by swiping on the week section at the top. On the iPad, the interface is more similar to the iOS 6 iteration, with a toolbar of view modes that include Day, Week, Month, and Year.

How to Use the Calendar App on iPhone

If you want that full-week view on your iPhone, you still need to rotate it into landscape orientation. However, it features the same options, just presented in different ways—search results and the event inspector, for example, show up as popovers. Creating new events is more streamlined in iOS 7, now that the start and end time fields are available directly from the top level of the creation popover.

That screen also lets you view an event or change your current response quickly and easily.

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You create new events in iOS 7 pretty much as you did in iOS 6, but there are a few welcome refinements. A new alert option notifies you a week before an event handy if, for example, you need to get some shopping done before an occasion. A new URL field allows you to enter a link, and then tap it in the event details screen to open that webpage in Safari. Contact cards have the same white look as the main section of the app, with new icons to the right of each phone number and email address signifying whether you can use the information to place a call, iMessage that person, connect with him or her via FaceTime, or send an email.

How to access the event list view in Calendar app on iOS 7.1

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