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These abilities are found in chests scattered across Mistralis, mostly in caves. Using the Wiimote the player can create drafts of wind to control Toku. The enemies of LostWinds are fairly tame, and only latch onto Toku when he gets too close. They are easily defeated by using the wind powers to smash them into the ground. The rest of the gameplay of LostWinds comes from the interesting platforming while exploring and the light puzzles.

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Whenever the wind blows through trees or an enemy is defeated, little blue spirits are released into the air. To collect them, the player must simply point at them using the Wiimote, much like how star bits are collected in Super Mario Galaxy.

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There is a meter on the in-game HUD which which slowly fills up three symbols as you collect the blue motes. If the player ever runs out of health, you simply shake the Wiimote and you life get fully replenished at the cost of one of the three symbols. The award was accepted by the team who were dressed in Toku hats.

LostWinds Walkthrough Part 1 - Getting Started

Sequel The ending of LostWinds clearly points to a sequel that has since been released in the form of LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias. Tweet Remove Format Clean. Cancel Update.

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Everyone PEGI: All ages OFLC: Winter of the Melodias. More walkthroughs and faqs LostWinds forums.

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