Activate iphone 4 ios 7 without official sim

Open your iPhone and start the new iPhone setup process.

If you can't activate your iPhone

During the process, you need to select a language and a region. You can also choose a Wi-Fi network and so on. Step 2. Once connected, iTunes will automatically recognize this new iPhone.

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  2. Method Two: How to Activate iPhone without SIM Card by Using Emergency Call Feature??
  3. How to Activate iPhone without SIM? (4 Proven Tips)!

Step 4. Then the activation is under progress in iTunes. And the iPhone activation without SIM card wizard will start. Step 5. Step 6. When all the settings are finished, iPhone activation without SIM card has completed. So without SIM card, you can still activate your iPhone. Turn on your iPhone.

Top 5 Ways to Activate iPhone Without SIM

Without activation, you could only make an emergency call. But pay attention. Step 3. When the call is canceled, you will get into the home screen on iPhone. Then your iPhone will be activated successfully by using Emergency Call feature and you can set up your iPhone freely. It is jailbreak. Let us do as follows. After the above step, you will see a prompt asking you to cancel the call.


Select it. Your iPhone will get activated now. If none of the above-mentioned methods work for you, then there is one last method you can try in order to bypass iPhone activation without SIM Card. You will need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to get rid of all the activation restrictions imposed by Apple. Bypassing iPhone activation via jailbreak is used primarily for old iPhone models.

Follow these steps

You should use it as a last resort. Jailbreaking an iPhone requires a lot of time and concentration. But once it is done, you will definitely be able to activate your iPhone without inserting the SIM Card. There are a wide range of tools available that you can use to jailbreak your iPhone.

Top 5 Ways to Activate iPhone Without SIM

The method to jailbreak an iPhone varies depending on the specific iPhone model. If you forget password for the Apple ID which is signed in on your device, you are limited to use all the features. For example, you won't be apple to access your iCloud data, you won't download or update apps, you won't be able to reset your device, etc.

You may consider that how can I delete Apple ID without password. No worries, this can be realized with the help of iMyFone LockWiper.

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  • How to Bypass iPhone Activation Without SIM Card?;
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  • Activate iPhone Without SIM Card Using Simple Method.
  • Download Download. Step 1: Step 2: You can visit our unlock store and unlock your device today. After you activate your iPhone without SIM card, you can easily use it for browsing the internet, gaming, using your favorite apps, making free calls and more. Setting up an iPhone is much easier and hassle free with a SIM card inside. Top This Week on UnlockBoot. Bypass iOS 7.