Ipad mini retina vs kindle fire hdx 8.9

On top of that, the display on the Kindle Fire HDX seems to throws off a lot less glare, making it easier to use outdoors. The iPads offer about 10 hours of battery life in a mixed usage scenario, while the 7-inch Kindle Fire can go for 11 hours, and its bigger brother can go for a whopping 12 hours.

Kindle Fire HDX: Which is the best tablet? With Amazon and Apple both having unveiled their offerings ready for the holiday spending extravaganza, consumers are faced with a choice. Read More. Everything about the Kindle Fire HDX feels fast, from navigating the interface to launching and using apps, thanks to the speedy quad-core 2.

Head-to-Head: iPad Mini With Retina Vs. Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

The other day I was playing a game while listening to an audiobook while simultaneously apps were being downloaded and installed in the background, and everything carried on feeling fast and fluid. The MIMO dual antenna setup gives me far better signal performance, especially when at the periphery of my Wi-Fi network where the iPad starts to have problems. The Kindle Fire HDX seems to pick the best choice, while the iPad wants to stubbornly stick to a base station until the signal gives out completely.

It's faster to appear, better laid out, more responsive, and has a better color scheme. Additionally, the ability to move from character to character without lifting a finger makes typing long messages far more comfortable. After all, things that fold can be flimsy and confusing, and in the photos it looked more like a gimmick than a good solution for a case.

However, having used the case now for a few weeks, I'm now a total convert. At the core of the case are a handful of magnets. These magnets are used to hold the tablet inside the case, to hold the cover shut and put the tablet to sleep , and to hold the 'origamied' kickstand in place, allowing the Kindle Fire HDX to be used in either landscape or portrait orientation. The case makes all the buttons on the tablet available and easy to find in the dark , and also it doesn't muffle the speakers if anything, it feels like it amps them a bit.

iPad Air vs. Kindle Fire HDX inch: Which Should You Buy?

But while some aspects of the operating system have come on in leaps and bounds, I've felt that when it comes to the email and calendar apps, Apple 's creativity well has run dry. There's been a lot of tinkering with these apps over the years, but progress always feels like it's one step forward, one step back. Amazon on the other hand has created email and calendar apps that are both useful and intuitive.

Not only are these apps a breeze to set up, they give you all the tools you need to keep a tight reign over your email and schedule. While owning an Apple product gives you access to the Genius Bar when you want help, Amazon puts that support in the palm of your hand in the form of the Mayday button.

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Got a problem or question or query, and all you have to d is press a button and help from a real live person is only seconds away. This is an awesome feature, and it means that users can make the most from their investment by getting the help they need, quickly, easily, and when they need it. People don't want to pay big bucks for a new smartphone.

Supermicro making a push into high-end gaming motherboards.

Here how to diagnose the problem and get more battery life. DrainerBot infected apps play invisible videos to drain your data. If your mobile device is consuming insane amounts of data, you may be a victim. Xiaomi's new Mi 9 flagship: Three rear cameras, super-fast wireless charging. Nokia appoints new Brazil head. Motorola Moto G7 Plus review: A top-quality budget smartphone. Apps, photos, and videos all take up storage space on tablets, so you want enough to hold all of your digital life.

Unless you want GB of storage space — and most people don't — then the Kindle Fire HDX is the winner here because Amazon has priced the storage far more reasonably than Apple has. You can pick up an 8.

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The very best tablets of To be honest, when it comes down to which app store is best, it is pretty much a matter of personal preference. Apple's App Store is probably the biggest and best curated, but there's nothing wrong with Amazon's offering either. I use both, and while on the whole I fnd that Apple has a better selection of apps, Amazon's it not bad either. If you're already locked to one ecosystem or another then this might sway you, but otherwise it's not really much of an issue which you happen to choose. Despite the iPad Air offering excellent battery life compared to many tablets on the market, Amazon manages to win again.

If you're looking for a mature ecosystem of accessories to go with your tablet then the iPad Air is the one to go for here. It's cheaper, lighter, has a better screen, and storage costs are more reasonable if you want something beyond the base 16GB. However, if you want to be with the cool kids then you may still want to go with the iPad Air.

It's without a doubt the flagship tablet, instantly recognizable and gives owners access to a huge ecosystem of apps and accessories. If you already own an iPhone or an older iPad, and have made an investment in apps, this may sway you. Old flames: Products that keep the retro fires burning. Top 10 'must have' apps for iPhone users. Valentine's Day gifts: Tech for lovers and friends.

Last-minute tech gifts and gadgets for your Valentine. Kindle Fire HDX: Which is the best tablet? Decisions, decisions … Given their popularity, I expect that tablets will be found underneath a lot of Christmas trees this year, and what a good time for it, since consumers are going to be spoilt for choice. Image source: Apple and Amazon. November 1, -- Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

Comparison of Two $400 tablets from Apple and Amazon

Display Both the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire HDX comes with what is universally known as 'retina' displays, that is, a display where the pixels are so small that at normal viewing distances they cannot be made out. The iPad Air is equipped with a 9. Processor At the heart of all tablets is a processor, and while the screen is what we look at, the processor can make or break a device.

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Verdict This is a tough call. Storage Apps, photos, and videos all take up storage space on tablets, so you want enough to hold all of your digital life. There is no option for expanding storage by using microSD cards. Verdict Unless you want GB of storage space — and most people don't — then the Kindle Fire HDX is the winner here because Amazon has priced the storage far more reasonably than Apple has. Form factor Size and weight are a concern when you expect to hold a device for extended periods.