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There are a ton more options. Just spend a little time with the app to get familiar with it. Other than to monitor your battery, you can also use AccuBattery to see how fast your charger or USB cable is charging your device not by predictions but by actually measuring the charging current.

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  8. The base app is free with ads. To remove ads and get access to features like dark mode, detailed battery usage history and historical sessions you need to upgrade to the pro version via in-app purchase. No matter what you pay, you will get access to all the pro features. Amplify is a root-only and open source app that improves Android device battery life by controlling how often your device wakes up. Simply put, Amplify identifies all the apps running in the background, analyzes them and then stops the apps that are preventing your device from going into sleep mode.

    These apps include alarms, instant messaging apps, and any other background service. The best thing is, Amplify has detailed descriptions for all the apps so that you can decide whether to stop the app or not.

    Get More Battery Life with These Apps

    That being said, Amplify is optimally configured out of the box. Just use the recommended settings and you are good to go. Base app is free. To get access to advanced features like the ability to control services and alarms, you need to upgrade to the pro version via in-app purchases. Servicely is the root only battery saver application that is very similar to Greenify.

    Being an app that works with root permissions, it can effectively manage your Android device and improve battery life in a no-nonsense way.

    App that will extend your smartphone battery life

    One of the ways Servicely works is by stopping and even disabling the background services and apps automatically. It can also deal with apps and services that auto-start. Do keep in mind that the app only shows what services and apps are running in the background, you have to manually select which one of them to be stopped or disabled.

    Once you select the target apps and services, Servicely will go on to work as soon as the display is turned off. Being a root application, be careful what apps and services you stop. Of course, you have to be careful of what you do when your device is rooted. The app is free. Contains ads and in-app purchases. To remove ads, upgrade to the pro version via in-app purchase. Brevent is an open source alternative to Greenify, i. The study, MultiDroid: Materials provided by University of Waterloo. Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Story Source: Cite This Page: ScienceDaily, 15 August An in-app purchase unlocks a Pro Pack that provides you with complete control.

    Servicely is another app that takes advantage of the power of a rooted system to prevent apps and services from waking your device even when the screen is off, saving you battery power by preventing your apps from executing background tasks. You may selectively disable running or installed apps, as well as services when your screen is off, though be warned that this is likely to break features like notifications and alarms, or in the case of services, even break your system, so use this with care. Battery Doctor is a free and feature-packed battery monitor and energy saving tool for mobile devices.

    Battery Doctor allows users to quickly look up battery charge status as well as track down what apps and processes are draining battery life.

    9 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

    You can quickly toggle power-hogging settings from within the app and its widgets, such as brightness, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data though you should probably skip the Task Killer. A particularly useful feature is the ability to define power saving profiles and automatically schedule them, so that, for example, you can set the phone to automatically switch to airplane mode when you're asleep or in class.

    The main screen displays battery life, a power saver mode switch, toggles for a variety of device settings and assorted battery stats and expected runtimes. In addition to the power-saving mode, a sleep mode deactivates most device radios, and a custom mode lets you configure a variety of settings for your own power use profile.

    Users can also schedule power-saving modes for particular times, like work, sleep and so forth. Power Battery combines a variety of tools into one package, serving as a battery monitor, battery saver and fast charging tool. The app lets you view battery consumption data, including which apps blow through the most power over time, while a variety of power saving settings and presets let you tweak your settings to eke out the most time from your available juice.

    8 Tips to improve battery life on Android phones - Pocketnow

    Finally, a charging tool kills background apps and provides a charge time estimate while plugged in. Extras include a memory booster and junk file cleaner. The battery monitor features provide data on your charge status, battery temperature, and battery capacity, as well as estimates of how long your charge will last with a variety of average use cases, such as gaming or media.

    On the energy-saving side of things, dfndr battery comes with a background task killer, customizable performance profiles that can trigger based on time and location, and a screen-saving feature that cuts brightness to save power. John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school.