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COM What am I doing wrong? Do I need to do something with my phone? If you have sprint….

FAQ on Texting With Verizon Wireless | It Still Works

My boyfriend was getting unwanted text messages we did that and it worked. It also sends out a message saying: This person is choosing not to receive text messages from you. Anonymous, Verizon does let you block SMS messages from specific sources, or even block all messages that come from the web.

Go to http: From there you should be able to set up the spam filters you need. Name required.

How to Send Text Messages From a PC to a Verizon Cell Phone

Mail will not be published required. Maximum message length: Everything after the th character will be cut off and discarded Cost: More information: Use the address format [digit-number] vtext. Sam says: December 12, at 7: Dorcas Davney says: August 8, at June 29, at 4: Dan says: June 20, at 5: October 21, at 3: Tom says: September 6, at 3: Heather says: August 18, at July 25, at 9: May 30, at 5: April 30, at 4: March 23, at 6: Steve says: February 7, at 1: Anonymous says: September 28, at Some messaging programs allow you to send text messages from your computer, either through your email account as as a stand-alone application.

For example, MightyText.

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Software solutions can also work in reverse, so that when you receive an SMS message on your phone, you will be notified on your computer about the new message. The notification can indicate a new message has arrived or can display the full message itself, depending on how the user configures the application.

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Viewing Messages

Tip The Subject line of the email will probably show up in your text, but don't count on it, as it sometimes disappears. Tip Don't forget that SMS stands for Short Message Service , so keep your messages short, even though email itself allows for very lengthy texts. References 3 Verizon Wireless Support: Verizon Wireless offers customers the ability to choose their text messaging packages or pay per message. Questions frequently asked about Verizon text messaging service deal with the size of each text's file, the cost of the service, and the ways you can send and receive text messages to other mobile device owners.

My Verizon Website - Create and Send a Text Message

Verizon wireless customers can send and receive text messages through their phones just as a subscriber on any network can. They can also send a text to another Verizon customer through the Internet. Verizon's website offers anyone to send a text to an existing Verizon wireless subscriber.

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You can also send and receive a text message to and from a Verizon wireless subscriber via email. Verizon customers can choose a username or use their mobile number. The address for sending and receiving text messages via email is the username or phone number followed by vtext.

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Multimedia messaging is available to Verizon customers to send and receive photo images or videos provided their mobile device supports both formats. You can send an image to another mobile phone any carrier or a second video. MMS is also available through email by using the username or phone number followed by vzwpix. Other capabilities for sending and receiving MMS messages are determined by the ability of the customer's mobile device.